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A Brief Historical Overview (1924-Present)

The history of our Church of Christ congregation in LOC, dates back to 1924. In that year, the Church of Christ was established in Oak Cliff-Dallas at the home of Mrs. Dovie Bagsby and other members who moved to Dallas from east Texas. Later, Bro. K.C. Thomas of Oklahoma City was called to work with this small congregation. After leaving the home of Mrs. Bagsby, they met in a building on the street that is now called Corinth Street. In 1927 or 1928, the congregation purchased a lot and building on Sparks Street. This street was later renamed Mitchell Street.

After the tenure of Bro. Thomas, a number of faithful ministers served the Mitchell Street congregation in a number of short-term and temporary capacities. These men included; Alfred Walton, H. H. Grey, Shelton Gibbs, Jr. and Robert Everett. During this period, the congregation briefly assembled to worship on 10th Street in a hall over the Black & Clark Funeral Home. Later, Bro. Russell Moore, Sr. of Wichita, Kansas was called to work with the congregation. After the departure of Bro. Moore, the congregation was without a minister for some time. The members worked hard, however, and were able to purchase a lot on 9th Street, where they later erected a building that was paid for in cash.

In 1944, Bro. C.C. Locke of Memphis, Tennessee was called to work with the congregation. The congregation remained on 9th Street until 1963 when it purchased the building at its present location on Cedar Crest Boulevard. Under the visionary leadership of Bro. Locke, the church experienced exponential growth progress.

In 1971, Brother Cephas Alvin Northcutt, Sr. came to work with Bro. Locke. He soon left for the mission field of southern Mississippi in 1972. Brother Waydell Nixon came to work with Bro. Locke in January of 1976. Sadly, Bro. Locke departed to "sleep with his fathers" on December 4, 1979. After his death, Bro. Waydell Nixon became the minister and the church continued to flourish during his ministry. In 1980, Bro. Cephas Alvin Northcutt, Sr. returned to Cedar Crest after working in the mission field in southern Mississippi.

Since 1992, Bro. Cephas Alvin Northcutt, Sr. has faithfully served the congregation as its Ministering Evangelist. Under his watchful leadership, the church has ordained elders, the present facilities have undergone a complete renovation and many souls have been added to the Body of Christ. On April 1, 2008, Bro. Jon W. Morrison became the full-time Assistant Minister. With God's help, after the retirement of Bro. Northcutt in March of 2010, Bro. Morrison will humbly succeed him in the fraternity of God's men who have served this congregation as Minister. Today, God continues to bless the rich legacy of Cedar Crest as we climb onward and upward in for King Jesus.