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Bringing SwCC Alumni Together

"When I grow too old to dream..." That slogan will remain with us forever. We don't ever want to get too old to remember SwCC and its dreams. We dream to keep our memories alive as we here at the Cedar Crest Church of Christ congregation in Dallas, Texas, decided to organize a newly formed Cedar Crest SwCC Alumni Association on June 30, 2013. We have approximately 28 alumni presently attending Cedar Crest congregation, including four Hall of Famers, of whom we are very proud. During our official meetings, we start to reminisce about the good ol' days on campus, which is what it's all about. SwCC: we remember!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to strengthen familiar bonds between such SwCC alumni within our congregation while heightening the awareness of SwCC among non-alumni within our congregation.

Cultivating School Spirit

Cedar Crest Church of Christ members has a rich history as supporters of the school, with alumni attending the school from 1956 up until 2010. As the song goes, when we grew old, alumni came together and found we share the same feeling—that we loved our time on SwCC's campus! Now we want to continue to come together as a group and give back to the college through our dues to the National Alumni Association. At a Sunday meeting in June 2013, we decided to officially form our group.

Alumni Association Roles:
• Secretary
• Membership Secretary
• Treasurer
• Facilitator Contact Persons
• Event Coordinators
• Communication officers
• Recruitment
• Parliamentarian
Current Members:
• Tamicia Hill
• Vera Perry ('69-'71)
• Veronica Reed ('98-'00)
• Cynthia Northcutt ('81-'83)
• Tangie Johnson ('84-'86)
• Brandon Powell ('06-'09)
• Patricia Sloan ('61-'63)
• Gina Harris ('81-'83)
• Alexandria White (08'-'10)
• Wanda Osborne ('77-'79)
• Geraldine Newhouse ('62-'64)
• Jacqueline Jernigan ('76-'78)
• Ryan Smith ('06-'10)
• Jonathan Morrison ('05-'07)
• Arthella Walker ('54-'56)
• Latisha Vaughn ('06-'08)
• Lataria Morrison ('98-'00)